Moorea Island – French Polynesia

Moorea Island

Moorea Island is the jewel of the South Pacific. It is northwest of Tahiti, situated among the French Polynesian Islands. It’s known for its jagged volcanic mountains, spires, white sand beaches and multi-nuanced lagoons. The island is a true reflection of the laid-back Tahitian lifestyle and the warm, welcoming character of French Polynesia and its people. The climate is hot. Clear blue sky reflects the multi colors of the crystal sea water that surrounds the island.

Geologist speculate that thousands of years ago , the northern rim of the volcano either fell into the sea or was blown away by a volcanic explosion, leaving the heart-shaped island of today.The south rim of the ancient volcano makes up the mountain range on Moorea. “Tohiea” (3,959 ft.) is the highest pike. Mountain “Mouaroa” is the mountain which is commonly named “shark’s tooth”.

Moorea island

This atypical and unique geology forms amazing two bays; “Opunohu Bay” on the west side and “Cook’s Bay” on the east side. Moorea’s lagoon, along with Bora Bora’s, is one the most beautiful in the Islands. Walking from Cook’s  Bay to the Moorea  Pearl Resort along the coast line takes about 15 minutes, but it gives a  spectacular  view during the walk because beaches are on the left and the green mountains on the right side.

Moorea island

As for recreation,the island’s reputation is at very high level because it is convenient for adventure and activity-both on land and on water. Many resorts on the island offers programs and amenities for kids, so it is ideal for families, too. Moorea is a true paradise for those who love snorkeling, paddle boarding, cruising and fishing. If you decide to spend your time in Moorea in August and October, when there is mating season, we highly recommend a whale watching tour with marine biologist Dr. Michael Poole. Another incredible place you should visit is the Moorea Dolphin Center, the only natural shelter where you can swim and play with dolphins. For full satisfaction, try parasailing or skydiving.
There are a variety of hiking trails, so you can explore the place. You will find out abundant pineapple plantations at the interior, or weird villages and beaches along the waterfront at exterior. Also, you should have a plan to see the view from Belvedere Lookout.


Moorea resorts offer accommodation in bungalows underneath which are coral formations. Garden villas, private guesthouses, hotels and everything from the world-class Hilton, InterContinental, to the more boutique Moorea Pearl.

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