Airbnb tips for new users with a $20 gift

Airbnb credit
Airbnb website totally changed our routine how we book accommodation for our vacations. As a direct link between guests and private owners - Airbnb helped both parties to make simple connection, to spare some money (for guests) and to earn some money (for private owners) and in the same time to be cheaper comparing to hotel accommodations. I'm a regular user of Airbnb website....
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Where to go for Christmas – top 5 exotic destinations

#1 COSTA RICA Definitely one  of the top destinations in any travel list you check! An invigorating cocktail of nature and adrenaline that shows you the highlights of this amazing country and keeps the whole family active. If you are into exotic beaches and cocktails then you got it. Rain-forest type of person? got it too! volcanoes? plenty of them…it is a natural paradise w...
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Top 10 global bookings list – August 2015

You want to see top 10 global bookings list from for August 2015? Check this out: 1. Casa Roma Luxury Apartment (Roma, Italy) - Review score 10/10 from 70 visitors! Impressive score even for Italy. Usually sold out, but if you are lucky... 2. Hyades Mountain Resort Kato Trikala (Korinthias, Greece) - Review score 10/10 from 71 visitor! Very nice position ...
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