Airbnb tips for new users with a $20 gift

Airbnb website totally changed our routine how we book accommodation for our vacations. As a direct link between guests and private owners – Airbnb helped both parties to make simple connection, to spare some money (for guests) and to earn some money (for private owners) and in the same time to be cheaper comparing to hotel accommodations.

I’m a regular user of Airbnb website. Up to now no negative experiences. I always check comments about accommodation and if there is no at least 80% positive comments – I check another host until I found what I need for that specific travel.

My tips to you:

#1 – check accommodation by map also, not only as a simple listings based on your location search. Sometimes only 2km from your requested location you can find wonderful accommodation for a 30% cheaper price.

#2 – always choose more parameters for search (price, rooms, facilities etc). More parameters – bigger chance that you will be satisfied with chosen accommodation.

#3 – always read accommodation description carefully. Cancellation policy sometimes can be really strict – so check it always before you book. House rules are also important – if you don’t agree with them or you can’t follow them – search for another listing.

#4 – when you finally find a room or a flat that you think it’s ok for you – use google – and search that specific accommodation or a host. Sometimes you can find more info or reviews on other websites.

#5 – always ask questions. Hosts are really open for that. It is good to ask a question and get an answer just to make it clear. Sometimes hosts will not accept your request if they think that you are not good guest for them, especially if you don’t have any stay before or at least one positive comment from other host.

#6 – book your flat, enjoy your stay and always leave a comment on airbnb when your visit is over. Your comment will help others to make better estimations and also can help host to make some changes, if it’s necessary, just to make visit for other more enjoyable.

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Thank you for reading!