Rila national park – Bulgaria

Rila Mountain

The main entrances in the National Park of “Rila” are the resorts – Borovets, Panichishte, Malyovitsa, Semkovo, Belmeken and Kostenets. The National Park of “Rila” attracts thousands of visitors, providing them access to much of the beauty of the Rila Mountains. There are rock walls (to the north of Malyovitsa, Zlia Zab, Orlovets) and they give the opportunity for practicing extreme sports, such as mountain climbing. Next to the Park’s border are the ski resorts areas of Borovets and Bansko.

There are four plant zones in National park of “Rila” : beech, forest, prickly, sub -alpine. Wood, bush and grass vegetation participate in its composition. The forest vegetation is present mainly by the coniferous types.


The fauna of the Park is represented mostly by the spinal animals – 178 species, which are of National, European, and World significance – wild goat, brown bear, wolf, wild cat, weasel, and squirrel. The bird kingdom is also very rich – 99 species, including: the imperial eagle, small eagle, cock of the wood, and a black woodpecker.

It is impossible not to emphasize the stunning beauty of “Seven Rila Lakes”. It is a group of glacial lakes , where images and words can not evoke the ineffable beauty and to express the pureness and vastness. These lakes are one of the most popular hiking spots in all of Bulgaria.

There are 102 hotels in Rila Mountains.

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